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My secret shame

Today is a milestone!  I checked my 1,000th movie on iCheckMovies.  Like most big things in life, it crept up on me.  No doubt, I would have liked to make this a special thing.  I would have liked to select in advance a film to watch, a memorable film of unquestionable artistic merit.  I’d watch it thoughtfully, considering its importance in my personal film history as the 1,000th film checked.  Then afterwards, I’d sashay over to my laptop to ceremoniously click the 1,000th check box.  It would have been nice.  But instead, one instant I was mindlessly browsing lists, and then — BAM!  I impulsively clicked on a film I’d seen before and the little ticker next to my name went to (1000).  No angels appeared with trumpets, Ricky Gervais delivered no monologues.  So, after two years and 1,000 checks, here’s to you, Wayne’s World!  You are a true classic, and perhaps sadly, one of the movies I remember most vividly from my childhood, long before I knew the true meaning of “Schwing!”

As you may have gathered, I take an unhealthy pleasure in cataloguing films I’ve seen on iCheckMovies.    Prior to this lovely website, I maintained a spreadsheet to keep track of the movies I’d seen.  I started doing it because I didn’t want to forget titles from a Russian film class in college, and I maintained it because, well, I liked it.   It was my secret shame until 2009, when three Dutch guys created iCheckMovies exactly for people like me.  Now this obsessive, nerdy hobby can also be somewhat social, deliciously fun, and most importantly, competitive.  You can see how the films you’ve seen stack up against “best of” lists from all over the world, and see where you rank among your fellow users.  Today, I am number 2,394 and have 37 awards.  I’ve ranked as high as in the 1,400s, but slipped as the site gained users and my dedication to film-going waned (I blame grad school and drinking, not exactly in that order).  Today I’ve decided to get back to watching movies and to chart my progress on this here blog, not so I can lord over anyone my success in checking boxes (and seriously, would anyone care but me?  anyone at all?  nope, didn’t think so!), but so I can celebrate the experience.

May 2012 be a year of many movies!


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